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Rules of our chat

      Good day! We are glad to greet you in our chat!
      Please, read carefully these easy rules before you register. You are surely will have a very pleasant time and enjoy communication with other people following these rules!

    • General rules:
      Please, respect the people you are talking to. Always remember - all people are different, so take into account, please, their age, level of culture and education. If you don't want to talk to somebody whose opinion annoys you - just don't pay attention to this chatter. Try to be interesting for other members of the chat at RIN.RU. Please, do not insult or offend people.
      There is no need to share your bad mood with others. No need to discuss smth obscene or use vulgarisms. There are other chats with this special purpose.

    • Registration:
      First, you should register.
      1.Please, fill all the appropriate fields correctly!
      2.Your greeting when entering the chat must not contain any rude words, must not be a set of letters or figures!
      3.In case, everything is done properly, your nick is correct and nobody uses it, the registration will be successful.
      4.If you have registered in our chat, but don't visit it for a week, your registration will be automatically deleted. But, of course, you can register once more.

    • These things are strictly forbidden in our chat:
      1.Nobody should use vulgarisms and insult others.
      2.Nobody can discuss any topics related to national questions, political difficulties, terrorism, violence, drug addiction. Nobody is allowed to advertise! No ads of other sites or chats!
      3.Nobody can use html-tags in messages (they are ignored), write using the "Caps Lock" button (WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS) and send messages containing of large number of repeated symbols or repeat one and the same message more than twice.

    • You should always remember that there are special people in the chat - moderators that will immediately drop you out of the chat if you break the rules.
    • In case you are banished from the chat, your IP address will have been ignored for two weeks and you won't be able to get into the chat during this time. So, think about it, please!
    • The moderators are responsible to the administration for banishing of chatters.
    • If you think that you were banished by some unfortunate mistake or the moderator wasn't right, you can apply to the administrator by sending a letter to chat@rin.ru with detailed description of the incident and the name of the moderator.

Good luck to you!

  • We are glad to see you! Here you can communicate with people from all the world (mostly Russians), find friends sharing your interests, or just spend a good time!
  • We did our best to make the chat convinient and entertaining: minimum of digressive graphics, fast delivery of messages, review of information on any participant. You have the possibility of secluding yourself and the chosen one from others in "private", and you can get rid of an objectionable chatter with the help of "ignore".
  • We ask that you are kind and courteous to other chatroom members.
  • We hope that you will like our chat and come again and again!
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